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Aphora Health

This Company is Changing the Healthcare Industry – and We’re Helping Them Do It.

In the face of a broken healthcare system with millions of Americans desperate for access to more affordable quality healthcare, a group of former healthcare executives has launched Aphora Health. Aphora Health Co-founder & EVP John Roos said, “Our goal is to put destination healthcare on the map for Americans everywhere…and we knew Seez was …

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COVID-19’s Effect on Print Media

A couple of months ago, my dentist appointment was cancelled when COVID-19 happened. It was finally rescheduled for last week when my dentist’s office opened back up. Prior to the appointment, I received an email detailing new policies and precautions put into effect due to the coronavirus pandemic. One item on the list really jumped out at me, as someone in the advertising industry:  “You will see we have removed all magazines and other materials that are difficult to clean …

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How Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility Services Will Impact the Future of Healthcare

Nearly 20 automotive corporations are competing to produce autonomous vehicles and get them on the road within the next few years, with some like Google’s Waymo already testing on the streets. What will set these different concepts apart? And, which company will innovate beyond the basic consumer use for transportation? In this post, we explore how autonomous vehicles will expand the transformation of transportation to specifically impact the future of health and healthcare.