This Company is Changing the Healthcare Industry – and We’re Helping Them Do It.

Aphora Health

In the face of a broken healthcare system with millions of Americans desperate for access to more affordable quality healthcare, a group of former healthcare executives has launched Aphora Health.

Aphora Health Co-founder & EVP John Roos said, “Our goal is to put destination healthcare on the map for Americans everywhere…and we knew Seez was the partner to help.”

You may be wondering – what is destination healthcare?

Plane flying over land

Destination healthcare is an opportunity for Americans to travel internationally for cosmetic, surgical, dental, IVF, and other procedures. According to the Medical Tourism Association, this industry is valued at over $100 billion and is growing annually by 15% to 25%. Aphora Health, while a newcomer, is positioned to access a significant share of this market with its unique business model.

The company facilitates access to global healthcare for consumers who currently pay out-of-pocket for their expenses, as well as for self-insured employers and their health plan members, leveraging a global network of accredited healthcare providers.

Aphora Health is committed to improving health equity and lowering costs by bringing global healthcare to US markets. The company is clinically focused, targeting high-cost elective surgeries, expensive specialty medications, and cosmetic or non-covered procedures, and offering personalized and attentive customer service, all at a fraction of the typical cost.

Seez is proud to be helping Aphora Health bring its game-changing healthcare option to market through the development of strategic messaging, optimized search recommendations, website development, social media, and more.

To discover more about Aphora Health, click here and get to know the Seez team here.