Quantifying Customer Economic Participation And Building A Path For Growth

Quantifying customers path to growth

There are many approaches to fueling growth in business – expand to new markets, connect with new audiences, create new business models, introduce new products and more. Your company is likely pursuing multiple strategies to create repeatable and reliable growth. But don’t overlook opportunities within your existing customer base. This path is particularly well known for offering higher sales probability and lower CAC advantages.

With a concentration on collaborations with credit unions, fintech companies, smaller community banks and the big banks too, Seez is helping organizations achieve their goals by deepening existing relationships through data-driven insights.

Our solution leverages AI and marketing expertise to identify, prioritize and reach these targets with the right message, where and when they are most likely to take action.

Beginning with the development of rich persona profiles, we document and illustrate customer and life stage journeys, identifying pain points along the way. Partnering with Vertice AI and their cloud-based AI technologies, we can predict multi-year journeys, model propensity to engage and value score.

Surrounding technology with marketing support to deliver personalized recommendations, via multiple delivery methods and creative executions will increase customer economic participation with your organization and create loyalty with your customer base over time.

Our growth solution has contributed to high conversion results, including increasing the average number of products per customer and other significant performance measures;

  • A 4.18x increase in new account openings for Money Market accounts
  • A 3.59x increase in new account openings for Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) accounts
  • $13.75 million in new deposits
  • $13,000 higher initial balances for new Money Market accounts
  • $4,000 higher initial deposits for new checking accounts
  • $20,000 higher lines for new HELOCs