Too Much Piano


What are all the big brands out there saying on TV during these challenging times? In case you’ve only been watching Netflix and Disney+ while stuck in your house for the last 6 weeks, I’ll tell you. They’re all pretty much saying the same thing – fade up emotional piano music. Show a desolate street in the early morning light. Cut to someone wearing a facemask. Remind the audience how many years you’ve been in business. Reassure them you’ll always be here, even if you’re not here now. You know, because your store is closed.

It’s like all these brands caught a virus during this virus and can’t help vomiting out the same formula.

For us in the business of communicating for our clients, we need to try a little harder. When they said work from home, they didn’t mean leave your creativity and original thinking at the office.

It’s not that what these brands are saying is wrong or bad. There are some very nice messages out there. The problem is, now that everyone is saying the same thing, sounding the same, and looking the same, none of it means anything. Good intentions, but it’s lost in the sea of sameness. See for yourself:

Is it still worth having a voice out there? Absolutely. It just needs to be different so people actually hear it.

This is a time to be authentic. It’s also an opportunity to be original.

Billy Barnes
Creative Director

“My piano” image by Tricia via Creative Commons.