Super Bowl LIV: Ads Reflect Brands’ Attempt to Pull Levers that Resonate and Motivate a Changing Landscape of Consumers

Super Bowl ads typically put the trends driving consumer behavior and preference on display, and Super Bowl LIV is no different. Some brands try shifting away from their traditional strategies and others stay true. Time will tell how it plays out for ROI.

An estimated 100 million people watched this year’s Super Bowl. Good news for the NFL as viewership increased not only for the big game, but for the season overall following 2 years of decline driven by political and social backlash to players’ sideline demonstrations. Today’s consumers are seeking brand relationships that go beyond superficial and are more authentic. They are embracing brands that have character; are open, honest, sympathetic and are willing to stand for something. Brands are increasingly aware that personality, purpose and profit are forever intertwined, and that can be seen in many Super Bowl LIV ads this year.

You might think consumers are saturated and overwhelmed by their hyper-connected lifestyles, but not so fast.  The ‘superpowers’ that new technologies afford far outweigh the perceived negatives.  And beyond being helpful, the latest technology is equipping status seekers with visible symbols of rank and stature. Google was able to effectively convey some of these superpowers in their highly-popular ‘Loretta’ ad this year.

Viewers can always count on some levity to get our attention as surprise and humor meet the ageless quest for fun. Entertaining or unexpected products, services or campaigns that make life more enjoyable stand out in a world of heavy complexities. This Amazon Alexa ad showcases this perfectly.