SEEZ Goes Beast Mode For Nasuni

Nasuni Beasts- Bear

If you work in IT at a larger company, traditional file storage can be the bane of your existence. You’re constantly dealing with file storage issues, slow speeds, frustrated employees, backup and recovery headaches, and ​the high cost. All those damn files, it’s like trying to tame a beast. Hey, there’s an idea.

SEEZ is proud to present a new global brand campaign for our client Nasuni, a leader in cloud file storage solutions.

The campaign turns intimidating animals like bulls, sharks, and bears into three dimensional beasts made of file extension typography. Each illustrates what IT professionals are up against these days and positions Nasuni as the one cloud solution that can help them.

You know what else has been a beast? This past year. So it is especially gratifying to see this campaign, born during the pandemic, come to fruition. It would never have happened without so many talented team members and such a great client.

Nasuni Beasts

Billy Barnes
Creative Director