Apple in the Car Business?

It is common for companies to consider expanding their brand portfolios to stay relevant and differentiated in dynamic markets. And mobility is definitely one of those markets. It’s no wonder that megabrands like Apple want in and recent news of on-again, off-again Apple talks with automakers are getting lots of attention.

The brand icon has successfully cornered the market when it comes to linking company offerings to basic human needs like connection, convenience, entertainment, and delivering peace of mind.  Recent reports show Apple leading the smartphone market in Q4 2020, shipping nearly 20 million more units than its closest competitor.

It’s true, Apple’s interest in automotive isn’t new, but the idea is gaining momentum. With the world desperate to move around after being held hostage by the COVID pandemic, more goods being transported and shipped than ever before, and an eye on alternative energy vehicles, there is pent-up demand for the most in convenience and connectivity. Fueled by optimism about the venture from its millions of brand loyalists, Apple is primed to attract the right manufacturing partner and disrupt an industry once again.

Oh, and there is a business case. Analysts estimate the smartphone TAM (total addressable market) at $500 billion while the global auto and mobility industry is sized at $10 trillion. The financial upside appears clear. With a fully autonomous Apple Car, the tech giant can go beyond personal vehicles and tap commercial arenas like robotaxis and last-mile delivery too.

At Seez, we aren’t smartphone technology gurus, but we do know a lot about the mobility industry and there is no question why it’s important to the world today and will be tomorrow. For years we’ve been partnering with innovators in the automotive and aircraft industries, connecting forward-looking leaders in infrastructure to improve the movement of people and things, information and commerce, health and safety. Hey Apple, it’s about time you got on board.